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Making the Amber Convertible Backpack: Front Exterior Panel

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

The original version of the Amber attern was categorized as intermediate level because it was written specifically for using waxed canvas for the exterior top and leather on the exterior bottom. Of course, using only these materials meant the instructions did not include any notes for interfacing, and the construction was different than bags that are made primarily of all fabric.

I have modified the pattern to be a bit more beginner friendly. With that, the bottom can now be made with waxed canvas, cork, or other more widely used materials. You will find that the updated version includes more tips, notes, suggestions, and instructions for interfacing. I have also offered instructions for making leather alternatives for many of the pattern pieces (i.e., the strap support strip and the top D-ring holder). There is also a bit more guidance to help with selecting the appropriate leather weight for various pattern components.

Since many people have already purchased the original version of the pattern, I decided to film a sort of really casual behind the scenes making of an Amber bag. I will release these videos on the blog in a few stages - this is the first of the series: The Making of the Front Exterior Panel. This video will point out some of the modifications that need to be made if you are working with the original version of the pattern and would like to make a canvas version of the bag

I should mention again that this is a very casual video. If you are the grammar police, please just don't watch it! While watching it, I learned that "gonna wanna" is a favorite phrase of mine - which I obviously learned while taking AP English in high school (sarcasm). If you know me, you know I am a big fan of working short-cuts. Apparently, "gonna wanna" is an acceptable short-cut for those of us that do not want to take the time to keep saying "going to want to...". Well, it is what is it! No one is perfect, righ?! Enjoy!

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