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Card Slot Punches and Straight Punches

We recently got our straight punches in and since they are a staple in our workshop, we thought we would share some of the things we find them useful for. The two main things we love about straight punches is they allow us to cut really clean, straight lines and they prevent over-cutting (which can easily happen when using a rotary cutter or craft knife). So, let's talk about where this can make a huge difference for bag makers.

If you are working with leather, you will likely find you can benefit from having a straight punch set - but... these are also great to use when working with cork and vinyl as well. How? If you have ever made a wallet that calls for punching slits for the card opening, this is the tool you will love having on hand. If you are working with magnetic snaps or purse feet that are attached with prongs, a tiny straight punch might just become your best friend.

So, what else makes us love these so much? First, I will tell you a little bit about the two punch sets we offer, then I will share a brief video demonstrating some of the things we like to use slot/straight punches for.

Our Straight Punch Sets

In addition to the set of two larger punches shown in the photo above, we also offer a 5-piece craft set that includes the five smaller sizes we use most frequently in our shop. The larger punches are great when you need to punch long straight lines, while the smaller set allows you to get into tighter corners, or punch tiny lines, that would otherwise be difficult to cut (at least without over-cutting). As we have said with all of our punches, there are definitely fancier straight punches out there at a much higher cost, but as you can see in our previous videos, we have used similar craft/starter punches for years and they have always gotten the job done.

*Click here for our 2-piece large straight punch set.

*Click here for our 5-piece craft straight punch set (smaller sizes).

Take a peek at the video below. It highlights just a few uses for these punches, but there are so many more! If this video doesn't provide ideas for how you might find these little gems helpful, just trust me... you will think of all sorts of things you love them for once you start using them!

*Please excuse the slanted video. All of the punching I was doing had apparently made my camera move around a bit and I wasn't aware until after filming!

Oh! One more very important thing... Be sure to use the proper surface to punch on (see video). You will have an easier time, and you will get much cleaner cuts. Happy creating, my friends!

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