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Leather Tech Bag (for Cords and Cables) - Video Tutorial

Updated: Jun 15

We have used a small leather bag for our cords and cables for quite a while now, and we love it so much - especially since you can whip one up without much fuss. Don't you just love a practical bag that doesn't take too much time and effort to make? We do, too - which is exactly why we thought we would do a blog post sharing how you can make your own! We refer to these as our "Leather Tech Bags" because we keep our cords, cables, earbuds, wireless chargers, and all sorts of other tech related doodads inside of them. We love that these are great for anyone - adults, kids, teens...anyone with gadgets can benefit from having one of these!

~Side note: Need a gift idea? This bag makes a great set when paired with leather cord keepers (click here to view our free cord keeper tutorial).

Is this a measure and cut tutorial?

Downloadable pattern pieces are available for this bag. However, I prefer to measure and cut, so I also provided the measurements on the pattern pieces.

~~Click here to download your FREE pattern pieces for the Leather Tech Bag.~~

What type/weight leather is needed for this project?

We typically use a 3.5-4 oz semi-soft leather for the bag and a 6-7 oz veg-tanned leather for the handle. You want something thick/firm enough to give the bag has some body, but not too thick/firm (unless you plan to skive the edges). The ideal leather won't be too terribly thin/soft either, or the bag might lack structure. If using a really thin/soft leather, consider either adding stabilizer & lining the leather with a skin, or maybe gluing and doubling the leather before cutting out your pieces. We chose the 3.5-4 oz oil-tanned leather used on the bag in the photos above because it was thick enough for the bag to feel sturdy, but also soft & pliable enough to easily work the gusset around the curves when assembling the bag. Oil-tanned leather is also rugged and can take a beating while still holding up well. We will show you what this bag looks like in the video, but for the video tutorial, we will use a 3 oz. upholstery weight leather so you can see what that looks like as well.

What type of sewing machine is needed for this project?

While we used an industrial machine in the video tutorial, with the right leather, you can make this on a domestic machine. However, when choosing your leather, keep in mind you will be sewing through THREE layers of leather at the thickest point AND the grab handle (in this case, we suggest modifying the grab handle so it is attached on the outside of the bag using rivets - see photo below of my son's well loved tech bag). Test your machine using THREE layers of the leather you will be using before getting started.

What tools/materials are needed to make a Leather Tech Bag?