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FREE PDF Pattern: The Everyday Soft Tote

Looking for a cute but simple and practical sew? We've got you covered! The Everday Soft Tote is just as the name suggests - a soft structured tote bag that is great for everyday life. We all have lots of things - be it for work, school, or just "stuff". This basic tote is perfect for that sort of thing.

Fast and Easy Sew

Free of zippers and additional bells and whistles that can mean time consuming makes, this tote can be done fairly quickly and with relative ease. If fact, I think beginners will find that this one is really approachable and fun to sew. Once you have the pieces cut out, you will be knocking these out in no time!

Two Sizes

This patterns includes two sizes. Each size is able to hold my 13" laptop when placed inside vertically (with room to spare), but you will find the smaller size is slightly shorter and narrower than its sibling. However, you could make this tote in any size you would like. Either way, the basic constrcution is the same.


Large Dimensions: 14"W across top (11"W at base) x 15"H x 5"D

Small Dimensions: 13"W across top (10"W at base) x 14"H x 5"D

Exterior Pockets: TWO (2) large slip pockets

Interior Pockets: ONE (1) wide slip pockets divided into three sections

I should warn you, there is so much to love about this tote you might not be able to make just one! Aside from straight forward construction, and minimal time needed to construct the bag, I will say the pockets are high up there on the list of things I love. The exterior pockets are large (and did I mention there is one on each side?). When I say large, I am talking "hold reusable water bottles" type of large. Also, on the interior, you will find a slip pocket that is divided into three sections - perfect for all of the smaller items you need to grab quickly. Even better, it is designed with a soft structure so the bag can be rolled or folded for easy packing or to store. Did I say how much I love this tote? So what do you need to make one? See below...

So what are you waiting for? Click here to grab your FREE copy of this pattern and to shop our other patterns.

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