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Lip Balm Holder - FREE Video Tutorial

Updated: May 10

Another leather scrap buster and this one does not require sewing! You only need a small bit of hardware and a few minutes to make this practical and fun little cutie. The printable pattern piece is available as a FREE download on my website - just click here to to grab your copy. We also offer an acrylic template for purchase if that is more of your jam (click here to purchase an acrylic template).

***NOTE: If using leather that is thinner or thicker than recommended, your lip balm might not fit properly.**


(1) Small Cut of 3-5 oz Semi-Firm or Firm Leather – Approximately 4”W x 9”H

(2) Rivets 7mm-8mm (depending on the thickness of the leather used)

(1) 12.5mm Spring Snap

(1) ¾” Swivel Clasp


●Leather Hole Punch (click here to purchase)

●Snap Setting Tool (click here to purchase)

●Rivet Setting Tool

●Rotary Cutter/Precision Craft Knife/Leather Scissors

●Cutting Mat

I should mention I made one of these 1/4" wider and it worked perfect as a travel sized pill bottle holder!😉 Enjoy!

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