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Olivia Carryall Tote - Add Clear Zipper Pocket

Updated: Jan 13

The Olivia is already loaded with pockets, but if you would like to add an additional large zipper pocket made with clear vinyl on the interior, you''ve come to the right place! I used 12- gauge vinyl for this one simply because it is what I had on hand, but you can use whichever weight you would like. I would imagine mesh could work for this pocket as well. There are a few bloopers in these videos, but I think you will get the general idea!

BONUS: Add a Clear Vinyl Interior Zipper Pocket

With a few additional materials and steps (see three video clips below), you can easily add a clear vinyl zipper pocket on top of the interior double slip pocket. You will need:

  1. ONE (1) additional 14" closed end zipper (or 15" cut of continuous zipper tape)

  2. ONE (1) additional double slip pocket trim (cut to the same size)

  3. ONE (1) piece of clear vinyl (min. 12 gauge) cut the same size as the double slip pocket.

When you reach "Prep Work 6: Make Double Slip Pocket", you will need to attach the zipper to the vinyl as shown in the video below before adding the pocket trim in Prep Work 6B. After attaching the zipper to the vinyl, see the video in the next section below.

While still on "Prep Work 6: Make Double Slip Pocket", you will now attach the clear vinyl to the double slip pocket before before adding the pocket trim along the top in Prep Work 6B. See the video below then, after this is done, set the assembled double slip pocket aside until you reach Step 7. Once you reach Step 7, proceed to the final video in the next section.

When you reach "Step 7: Assemble the Rear Lining Panel", before sewing up, over, and down the pocket divider lines in Step 7A(2), make sure to watch the next video below so you will know how to sew this step with the clear vinyl pocket option. After you follow the steps in the video below, you can proceed with the remainder of the pattern as written - starting with Step 7A(3).

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