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Setting Spring Snaps with Basic Setting Tools or a Press

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Spring snaps are used frequently in bag making, so we thought we would share a tutorial on how to install snaps. Here we will cover two methods - using basic manual snap setting tools, as well a press.

Materials & Supplies

  • ONE Spring Snap Set (we used a 12.5 mm spring snap)

  • Hollow/Drive Punch or Rotary Hole Punch (we used a 2.5 mm hollow/drive punch)

  • Punch Pad (If using a hollow/drive punch for punching holes)

  • Snap Setting Tools (either basic/manual set or a press)

Setting Snaps Using Basic Snap Setting Tools

In the video below, we will set a spring snap in leather using a basic set of snap setting tools. These snaps setting tools are inexpensive, easily accessible, and easy to use. These tools are often provided in full spring snap sets, or you can purchase them separately from many retailers. See the next section if you would prefer to set your snaps using a press.

Setting Spring Snaps Using a Press

Using a press is another quick and easy way to set spring snaps. The downside is a press and the dies can be a bit pricey. We purchased the handheld version of the tabletop press used in the tutorial from KAM, and it is much less expensive than the tabletop version, but the dies are sold separately - which does drive the costs up a bit. The great thing is the dies are interchangeable, so you can purchase them for whatever other doodads you might need to set - rivets, grommets, eyelets, etc. The dies for the handheld version can also be used with the tabletop press.

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